Pramac Semi Electric Straddle Pallet Stacker 1000kg


£4,474.00 + VAT

£5,368.80 Inc VAT

  • 1000kg Semi Electric Straddle Pallet Stacker
  • Hand Forklift with Electric Hydraulic Lift
  • Capable of Working with Closed Bottom Pallets


The Pramac Semi Electric Straddle Pallet Stacker 1000kg is suitable for stacking and manoeuvring a variety of pallet types and sizes. A key feature of this model is the adjustable forks and clamps, offer complete versatility in the handling of loads. The supporting legs simply go around the pallet, whilst the forks enter the pallet. So, if you are working with closed bottom pallets, such as Chep pallets and GKN pallets our Straddle Pallet Stacker offers the perfect solution.

Designed to provide a high performance, precise stacking solution operated by manual traction and electrohydraulic lifting technology. Our wide legged pallet stacker includes polyurethane wheels as standard to reduce resistance and effort required even with full load capacity. The smooth manoeuvrability allows you to work within narrow, confined areas and the electric lifting mechanism removes the need for the physical exertion - the load is simply raised at the click of a button to the required location.

Our Semi Electric Straddle stacker truck is ideal to handle a variety of pallet sizes, capable to work on heavy duty applications. The 1000mm forks can be raised up to 1510mm, whilst the supporting legs can be set at a distance of 965mm to 1270mm. The versatility of our semi electric straddle pallet stacker also allows the forks to be set between 230mm and 790mm. Easy to operate and comfortable to move.

The TX straddle hand forklift is designed to work with a variety of pallet sizes but if you are only working with Euro pallets - 800 x 1200mm you may want to consider a standard semi electric pallet stacker.


  • Adjustable Forks and Clamps – provides great versatility in the handling of loads of different sizes.
  • Start Key and Battery Cut-Off Switch – switches the stacker on/off; and also an emergency control, i.e. it completely stops battery power supply and thus prevents the lifting of forks.
  • Foot Brake – the foot brake performs the parking brake function.
  • Tiller – the ergonomic tiller allows an excellent directionality of the machine, thanks to a steering system on both rear wheels.
  • Adjustable Buffers – equipped with adjustable buffers that minimise possible oscillation during lifting.
  • Protective Cover – it allows an easier access to the battery housing for faster ordinary maintenance.


Fork Length

Width Over Forks

Lift Height


1000kg1000mm750mm (maximum)1510mmSemi Electric
  • 1000kg load capacity
  • 1000mm forks
  • Overall distance between forks – 230mm to 790mm
  • Overall distance between legs – 965mm to 1270mm
  • 1970mm closed mast height
  • 1640mm overall length
  • Manual traction and electrohydraulic lifting technology
  • Start key and battery cut-off
  • Footbrake
  • Ergonomic tiller
  • Adjustable buffers
  • Maximum stability
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