Pramac Electric Stacker Forklift 1000kg RX 10/09


£3,218.75 + VAT

£3,862.50 Inc VAT

  • 1000kg Fully Electric Powered Stacker
  • 810mm Lift Height with Battery Hydraulic Lift
  • Hand Forklift for Effortless Pallet Handling


The compact Pramac Electric Stacker Forklift is suitable for stacking and storing loads of up to 1000kg above ground level areas, even if there isn't much space available. Designed to operate in narrow, confined areas thus providing a solution to low level handling applications with pallet loads of 1000kg. The forks can be raised up to 810mm so it provides the perfect solution as a high lift pallet truck or working from pallets at a convenient height within your warehouse or storeroom. Easy to operate and comfortable to move.

The narrow chassis of our battery hand operated forklift stackers are not only flexible, but capable to handle heavy loads effortlessly with particular precision at height. In addition, the fork thickness of 60mm make for an easier entrance inside a pallet, while working in elevation.

Moving loads with an electric pallet stacker can be done easily and comfortably, with minimal demands on the operator using the electric lifting mechanism and lateral driving system removing the need for the physical exertion compared with that of manual pallet stackers. The load is effortlessly raised at the click of a button to the required location using the fingertip throttle on the fully integrated ergonomic tiller. The reduced width of the compact stacker range is designed to operate in narrow, confined areas providing a solution to heavier duty pallet handling applications. This also saves you valuable space in your warehouse that can then be used for additional stock. The 1153mm forks can be raised up to 810mm so it provides the perfect solution to manoeuvring pallets within warehouses, storerooms and manufacturing facilities. Easy to operate and comfortable to move.

The RX 10/09 power stacker is also quick and easy to charge when the battery runs out, by simply plugging the 13amp 240v plug (supplied) into an electric socket so you can be on hand and ready to go whenever you need them. All our electric stackers feature a built in battery and charger to make it easy operators so they can literally 'plug-and-play'. In addition the battery pallet stacker sits on polyurethane wheels as standard to reduce resistance and effort required even with a full load capacity of 1200kg.

The RX hand forklift range is designed to work with Euro pallets - 800 x 1200mm. If however, the pallet you are working with is a ‘closed’ bottom pallet, then you’ll need to consider a straddle pallet stacker in order to pick them up. If you require a taller lift height, you may also want to consider our Pramac Power Stacker RX 10/16 which provides a tall lift height and ensures moving loads can be done comfortably with minimal demands on the operator.

  • Versatility – It’s ideal to mode, even horizontally, palletized goods and at the same time it can be used as an adjustable workable, reducing stress for the operator who must place goods on a shelf. Forks thickness 60 mm for an easier entrance inside pallet, while working in elevation.
  • Ergonomics – Ergonomic tiller placed laterally to increase visibility, ensuring an optimal arrangement of components inside the motor compartment. Solves perfectly the problem of handling goods in narrow spaces and corridors.
  • Easy Maintenance – Strong ABS carter/cover with storage compartments on top. easily removable tospeed up maintenance operations. The bottom access opening allows an immediate disassembly of motor wheel, portal and tiller without lifting the machine.
  • Battery Pack – Starting batteries are lightweight and inexpensive to run, allowing up to 3 hours autonomy.


Fork Length

Width Over Forks

Lift Height


  • 1000kg load capacity
  • 1153mm x 560mm forks
  • 1270mm closed mast height
  • Electric lifting mechanism and lateral driving system
  • Fully integrated ergonomic tiller
  • Fingertip controls
  • Strong ABS cover
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Maximum stability
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