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Electric Stackers & Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric Stackers & Electric Pallet Trucks

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Electric stackers are designed and ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as general warehousing, storage, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. They provide a cost effective method of manoeuvring pallets or small, lighter loads within your warehouse. Electric pallet stackers, also known as a walkie forklift, can be used to operate in narrow pallet racking or tight, restricted storerooms whilst managing large loads and reaching tall lift heights.

Our hand forklift range provides a premium selection of stackers that have been designed to meet the high demands of busy, vibrant workforces so you can get on with the job in hand. An electric hand forklift makes light work of heavy loads to allow for reduced effort in raising loads and a smooth lifting motion. An electric stacker forklift will allow operators to easily and effortlessly transport the load, either with a powered pallet stacker or with a more light weight power stacker for light duty applications.

Here at LLM Handling, we provide the best solution to our customers to ensure you are able to buy the right power stacker to suit your application. So if our hand picked selection of standard electric stackers doesn’t quite fulfil your environment, we offer customisable options to manufacture bespoke solutions at unbeatable prices.