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Pallet Stackers

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Our pallet stackers range provides an excellent solution to lifting and moving pallets within industrial and warehousing environments. A pallet lift or pallet stacker is not only a cost effective, solution to remove the requirement of a forklift, but their small turning circles allow them to operate in confined working areas. These are sometimes also referred to as vertical power stackers or vertical stacker trucks.

We supply a wide range of manual stackers, electric and semi electric power stackers. An electric power stacker reduces operator labour by using an electric lift and electric forwards/backwards motion. Both the power stacker lift and manual stacker ranges are available with straddle legs. The straddle stacker provides a solution to lifting and manoeuvring GKN pallets, which are commonly used within the UK. Our standard pallet stackers are more commonly used when loading and unloading EURO pallets.

Our best selling electric pallet stackers are within the Pramac range. A high performance Pramac pallet stacker offers a variety of solutions to lifting, capable of lifting pallet loads of 1000kg up to 3500mm. For quieter, less intense operations, a manual stacker can provide a cost effective solution.

Here at LLM Handling, we provide the best solution to our customers to ensure you are able to buy the right pallet stacker to suit your application. If the hydraulic pallet stacker range doesn’t quite fulfil your environment, we offer customisable options to manufacture bespoke solutions at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking to move pallets within high-intensity, active warehouses or small storage facilities we have the right pallet stacker for you.