Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift

Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift

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    Light Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift

    Light Duty Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift

    This is the ideal Mezzanine Goods Lift for lifting up to 250KG. It is more compact than a Heavy Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift meaning the amount of space taken up by the unit is minimal. Mezzanine Goods Lifts are suitable for companies in any industry or warehouse where space can be maximised. Simply load the platform with your goods and raise the platform to the mezz floor. We construct the lift height to suit your requirements, up to a maximum of 3300mm.


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Our mezzanine floor goods lift range features the light duty goods lift. The mezzanine lift allows operators to raise goods from ground floor to mezzanine level efficiently and safely, without risking damage to goods and operators.

The light duty goods lifts are surface mounted and therefore much more cost effective than alternative pit mounted lifts. In addition, the goods lifts are free standing, minimising floor space and provide complete flexibility. The goods lifts operate via a simple-to-use push button operation. When required, ramps can be supplied to allow pallet truck access to unload pallets, up to 250kg on to the platform. The goods can then be raised, and unloaded on the mezzanine level with minimal effort.

Our experienced engineering team are able to carry out installation within two working days. If you are looking for a solution to lift goods to a mezzanine floor, our light duty goods lift is the perfect answer.