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Droids would raise air cargo efficiency

Robotic loading systems at air cargo warehouses could move a step closer this summer with the introduction of a robotic car parking system at London’s Gatwick Airport in August.

The Stanley Robotics system uses a lifting platform on a droid to raise a car and the robot is then guided via a military-grade global positioning system (GPS) to the correct parking space.

LLM Handling founder and managing director told FreightWaves that this system could be readily adapted for the air cargo industry.

“We specialise in finding solutions for our customers, so we have gone down the route of automated systems, but every time we have gone to cost an [automated] pallet stacker the cost has been prohibitive. A decent conventional one would cost around £8,000, ($10,500) but an automated system costs £87,000 ($114,000),” explained Kingham. (more...)


How to choose your warehouse equipment: A Straight Forward Guide

Founder and MD at LLM Handling, explains the factors that need to be considered when choosing warehouse machinery.

Whether you’re designing an entirely new warehouse, or just updating your current one, selecting the right equipment is essential if you want to move and store stock as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It’s all in the preparation

Although it can be tempting to jump straight in and start shopping for a new forklift truck, there are several questions you should ask yourself to help determine what you need.

  • What racking layout do we have?

Racking, which is where the stock is stored, can have a variety of layouts. How wide are the aisles – will a counter-balance forklift fit in the area you need to move in? Are you restricted by narrow aisles? If you need to install racking too, you should investigate which options will suit your needs best. (more...)