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Case study – Integral Memory

Published on: Tuesday 19th November 2019
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“The mezzanine lift provided by LLM was the ultimate solution for our warehouse: it was installed with minimal disruption and was built to fit our exact specifications. It has ensured we can continue to provide state-of-the-art memory and storage solutions to our resellers on time, every time.”

James Ockwell, Logistics Manager, Integral Memory

The project

Integral Memory required a mezzanine floor lift to maximise its warehousing space and flow of goods within the warehouse. The company needed a bespoke solution that would fit four boxes at a time, with a maximum weight capacity of 200kg, that was durable and comfortable for its operators to use.

The right solution would ensure the flow of goods was as efficient as possible.

The results

LLM designed and fitted a mezzanine lift customized to Integral Memory’s requirements; carrying four boxes at a time. The free-standing lift shaft was installed within the mezzanine floor opening and secured, minimizing the installation time and causing minimal disruption to the production line. The footprint of the lift is extremely compact so the transportation of goods from floor-to-floor production can flow seamlessly. Finally, the loading platform was designed to maintain a working height of 700mm (waist height) on both ground and first floor. The solution provides the most ergonomic and comfortable working environment for the operators, as they no longer need to lean or bend down to load the lift – preventing injuries caused by stretching and straining within the workplace. In cases where lifts are loaded using manual or electric pallet trucks we have alternative solutions.

The client

Integral Memory produces a wide range of memory and storage products including DRAM, memory cards, USB drives, Solid-State-Drives and industrial memory solutions. The company operates all its design, research and development and testing from its warehouse and offices in the UK, with sales offices in France, Spain and the Netherlands. Its products are sold by resellers in more than 50 countries and are used by governments, large corporations and educational institutions.


  • Mezzanine floor goods only lift
  • Lifting boxes 800 x 400mm @ 25kg max
  • Located indoors in an area with no public access and to be used by trained operators only
  • 3690mm + 1000mm travel to FFL – Access for loading and unloading to be conducted at waist height 200kg capacity
  • 1000mm x 1000mm useable platform
  • Single outward opening interlocked gate on ground floor and (next to mast) Single outward opening interlocked gate on mezz floor (same side)
  • Platform with cladding to 3 sides with an electro-mechanically interlocked platform gate. Mast braced from mezzanine and supported from ground floor
  • No ramp or bridging plate as loading is at waist height
  • Full height mesh enclosure to 2 sided (remaining sides are against solid walls) extending to 2400mm above the top level Latching controls to raise and lower the lift
  • 415V, 3 phase supply. Customer to provide a 16A isolator in close proximity and suitable RCD protection.
  • Lift speed (generally approximately 100mm/s) and duty cycle (rated duty cycle 15 minutes for 24 hour operation)

Mezzanine Goods Lift Vault

Mezzanine Goods Lift 250kg

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