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Straddle Stacker

Straddle Stacker

Original price was: £4,830.00.Current price is: £4,450.00.
  • 1000kg Load Capacity Fully Electric Straddle Stacker
  • Up to 1510mm Lift Height with Straddle Legs
  • High Lift Pallet Lift for Effortless Pallet Handling
  • Suitable to Work With UK (Closed Bottom) Pallets & Euro Pallets
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Original price was: £4,830.00.Current price is: £4,450.00.
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Technical Specification
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  • 1000kg Load Capacity Fully Electric Straddle Stacker
  • Up to 1510mm Lift Height with Straddle Legs
  • High Lift Pallet Lift for Effortless Pallet Handling
  • Suitable to Work With UK (Closed Bottom) Pallets & Euro Pallets


Straddle Stacker

Introducing our electric straddle stacker equipped with wide straddle legs, offering unparalleled ease and versatility in pallet handling. Seamlessly designed, our straddle pallet stacker effortlessly caters to both UK pallets with closed bottoms and Euro pallets, ensuring efficient management of diverse loads and sizes. Experience unmatched convenience and precision as you effortlessly navigate through confined spaces. Simplify your pallet handling tasks and elevate operational efficiency with our electric pallet lifter, the ultimate solution for high lift pallet operations.


Our electric pallet lifter is engineered with a robust structure, guaranteeing durability and reliability in rigorous environments. Benefit from exceptional driving performance and reliability, thanks to our highly specialized drive and hydraulic system, meticulously crafted for electric pallet lifters. This system ensures smooth operation and enduring reliability, even under intensive usage, positioning it as the optimal choice for pallet lifters.
For those requiring an electric stacker, our equipment is tailored to deliver unrivaled performance. The hydraulic unit operates quietly and reliably, boasting high-quality cylinders and hoses specifically designed for electric stackers. Enhance operational continuity while minimising downtime and maintenance costs with our AMP connector and durable electric wires, purposefully engineered for electric stackers.
When it comes to straddle stackers, our Straddle Chassis provides unparalleled stability during high lift operations for convenient pallet packing/unpacking. This feature enhances control and stability, making it the preferred choice for effortlessly managing heavy loads.


Safety is paramount across our electric pallet lifters, pallet lifters, and pallet stackers. Our hydraulic safety design prevents sudden mast descent, instilling added confidence for operators. The belly button feature safeguards operators by preventing truck collisions, making our equipment ideal for various pallet handling tasks.
In emergency scenarios, our equipment is equipped with an emergency disconnector, allowing for instantaneous interruption of power supply with a single press. The multi-lifting limited switch and automatic low-speed mode further enhance travel safety, while the anti-rolling back braking device ensures secure operations, even in challenging environments.


Our electric pallet lifters are designed to deliver effortless operation. The ergonomic tiller head guarantees comfortable operation, while the long-arm tiller facilitates smooth steering for precise control. Maneuvering through confined spaces is effortless with our compact chassis design, boasting the smallest turning radius required for efficient operation. Side operating functionality ensures superior visibility, empowering operators to navigate obstacles with ease. Stay operational with our convenient on-board charger, providing hassle-free charging whenever needed.


Our electric pallet stackers are engineered for minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring continuous operational efficiency. The maintenance-free battery eliminates the need for regular maintenance, reducing overall upkeep costs and disruptions.
Operators can easily monitor charging times with the optional battery display indicator with an hour meter, optimising battery performance and lifespan. Simplify maintenance procedures with the detachable rear panel and self-diagnostics signal on the digital display, facilitating quick and efficient troubleshooting. Access the hand set effortlessly for adjustments and troubleshooting, further streamlining maintenance processes. Finally, our equipment is equipped with low-voltage cut-off protection, offering added safety and peace of mind during operation.

Technical Specification

  • 1000kg load capacity
  • Lift height: 1510mm
  • Closed mast height: 1940mm
  • Extended mast height: 2053mm
  • 1070mm x 200~760mm forks
  • Straddle legs for use with UK (closed bottom) pallets & euro pallets
  • Duplex mast
  • 24V / 85Ah AGM battery
  • Integrated charger
  • Curtis DC controller
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Product Information

  • Specialised drive and hydraulic systems ensure exceptional driving performance and reliability for straddle stacker.
  • High-quality cylinders and hoses guarantee durability, low noise, and system reliability for pallet lifters.
  • AMP connectors and resilient electric wires minimise component malfunctions in electric stackers.
  • The Straddle Chassis enhances stability for high-stack operations and facilitates the handling of closed-bottom pallets in straddle stackers.
  • User-friendly control panel with extended tiller arm and compact chassis design enables effortless operation and provides the smallest turning radius required for pallet stackers.
  • On-board charger adds convenience for electric stackers during operation.
  • Safety features, including hydraulic system safeguards and belly button collision prevention, prioritise operator safety in pallet lifters.
  • Emergency disconnector and multi-lifting limited switch enhance travel safety in pallet stackers.
  • Automatic low-speed mode and anti-rollback braking device provide safety during ramp operations in straddle stackers.
  • Maintenance-free battery with optional battery display indicator ensures operators charge on time for electric stackers.
  • Detachable rear panel facilitates easy maintenance, and digital display offers self-diagnostics for troubleshooting in pallet lifters.
  • Easily accessible hand set and low-voltage cut-off protection enhance user convenience and safety in pallet stackers.
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Please note: this product is made to order and therefore cannot be cancelled once ordered. As these items are made specifically to your request, they are also excluded from our returns policy unless damaged or faulty. Please contact our friendly sales team should you need further help or advice before ordering: 01932 807377

Do you need a licence for an straddle stacker?


In the UK, operating a straddle stacker typically requires proper training and certification rather than a specific license. However, regulations may vary depending on workplace requirements, industry standards, and the type of equipment being used. Employers are generally responsible for ensuring that operators receive adequate training and certification to safely operate straddle stackers in compliance with health and safety regulations. It’s essential to consult relevant authorities or regulatory bodies for specific guidance and requirements regarding the operation of straddle stackers in the UK.

Is a straddle stacker better than a forklift?


The suitability of a straddle stacker versus a forklift depends on your operational requirements. Straddle stackers excel in handling pallets in confined spaces due to their compact size and manoeuvrability. They are ideal for lighter loads and moderate stacking heights, offering stability with their straddle leg design. Forklifts, conversely, are powerful and versatile machines designed for heavier loads and longer distances. They come in various types tailored for specific applications and are commonly used in industrial settings for diverse tasks. To make the best choice, consider factors such as load size, facility layout, and operational needs.

What is an electric straddle stacker?


An electric straddle stacker is a type of material handling equipment that is powered by electricity and designed to lift and transport palletised loads. It features a straddle leg design, which allows it to straddle the pallet while lifting, providing stability and support during operation. Electric straddle stackers are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities for tasks such as stacking and retrieving pallets from racks, loading and unloading trucks, and transporting goods over short distances. They offer the advantage of being environmentally friendly, quiet in operation, and suitable for indoor use due to their emission-free operation.

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