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Pipe Rack

Pipe Rack

  • Vertical Pipe Rack for Long and Awkward Items
  • Cost-Effective Vertical Storage Solution
  • Easily Configurable and Adjustable
  • Secure and Organise with Starter and Extension Bays
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  • Vertical Pipe Rack for Long and Awkward Items
  • Cost-Effective Vertical Storage Solution
  • Easily Configurable and Adjustable
  • Secure and Organise with Starter and Extension Bays


Vertical Pipe Rack – The Ultimate Storage Solution for Long and Awkward Items

Introducing our Vertical Pipe Rack, vertical storage designed to meet the specific needs of stockrooms, workshops, and warehouses. Crafted from robust steel, this rack offers unparalleled value and efficiency for safely storing your long and awkward items.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Value for Your Budget: Our Vertical Pipe Rack is not only a smart choice for space-saving but also a cost-effective investment. You’ll be amazed by the value it adds to your storage capabilities, optimising both your space and your budget.
  2. Versatile Storage Solution: No matter how long or awkward your items are, our Vertical Pipe Rack accommodates them with ease. With frame heights of 2550mm (suitable for items up to 3 metres long), you have ample space to store your lengthy materials.
  3. Rapid Organisation: Get your storage area in order quickly and effortlessly. With our Vertical Pipe Rack, you can enjoy a clutter-free environment in no time, enhancing productivity and safety.
  4. User-Friendly Assembly and Reconfiguration: Building and reconfiguring your storage has never been easier. Our rack’s design simplifies the process, allowing you to adjust the dividers and heights to suit your evolving needs without any hassle.
  5. Fully Adjustable Hoop Dividers: The inclusion of fully adjustable hoop dividers ensures that you can customise the rack to precisely fit the dimensions of your items, preventing any potential damage or shifting during storage.
    Note: the pipe rack in the image shows one extra hoop divider
  6. Starter and Extension Bay System: Our rack system operates on a starter and extension bay format, enabling you to create long runs of cost-effective storage. Whether you need a small or extensive storage solution, this system can grow with your requirements.
  7. Secure to the Floor: For added stability and safety, our Vertical Pipe Rack can be securely fastened to the floor. This feature ensures that your valuable items remain in place, even in dynamic work environments.


  • Frame Height: 2550mm (suitable for items up to 3 metres long)
  • Widths: 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm
  • Frame Depth: 810mm
  • Optional Extra Divider Depth: 400mm
  • Applications: Stockroom, Workshop, Warehouse
  • Usage: Long Item Vertical Storage
  • Construction: Steel

Upgrade your storage solution with our Vertical Pipe Rack today. It’s the perfect blend of affordability, efficiency, and adaptability, designed to streamline your operations and safeguard your valuable materials. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and secure the ideal solution for your business.

Technical Specification

  • Height: 2550mm
  • Widths: 1200mm / 1600mm / 1800mm
  • Depth: 810mm
  • Divider Depth: 400mm
  • Frame: Galvanised Steel

Note: the pipe rack in the image shows one extra hoop divider

Product Information

An economical solution for the storage of lengthy and awkward objects. Our vertical pipe rack is a byproduct of our Heavy Duty Midispan system, available in both starter and extension bay formats, which enhances cost efficiency for extended runs. Each bay includes three dividers, essential frames and base plates, two front beams, one back beam, and a base rail. For alternative rack sizes, please get in touch with our sales office.

  • Outstanding value pipe rack
  • Accommodate all your unwieldy, long items
  • Swiftly brings order to your storage
  • User-friendly assembly and reconfiguration
  • Fully adaptable hoop dividers
  • Initiated with starter and extension bay setup
  • Option for floor securing

Note: the pipe rack in the image shows one extra hoop divider


Price is inclusive of delivery to UK mainland. Goods shall be delivered to site within 7 working days from payment. Free standard delivery will be to a ground floor location and heavy items may require fork lift unloading and/or assistance on site.

Delivery is to a business address Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. Restricted delivery areas or residential addresses may incur a surcharge.

What is a pipe storage rack?


A pipe storage rack is a specialised storage solution designed to safely and efficiently store pipes, tubes, or other long cylindrical items up to 3m in length. These racks are typically used in industrial, manufacturing, or construction settings where there is a need to store pipes and ducting of varying sizes in an organised and accessible manner.

Pipe storage racks come in various designs and configurations, but they often feature horizontal or vertical supports, sometimes with dividers or compartments, to keep the pipes separated and prevent them from rolling or becoming tangled. These racks are intended to maximise space utilisation and make it easy to locate and retrieve specific pipes when needed. They can range from simple, open frames to more complex systems that incorporate automated retrieval or tracking systems in larger facilities. The choice of a specific pipe storage rack depends on the types of pipes being stored and the available space and requirements of the user.

How can I store long tubes safely?


Storing long tubes safely requires careful planning and the use of appropriate storage solutions. Here are some guidelines to help you store long tubes safely:

  1. Select the Right Storage Equipment:
    • Use specialised racks or storage solutions designed for long tubes or cylindrical items. This can include pipe racks, cantilever racks, or vertical storage racks with dividers.
  2. Proper Positioning:
    • Ensure that the tubes are positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on the design of your storage equipment. Make sure they are stable and not at risk of rolling or falling.
  3. Dividers or Compartments:
    • Use dividers or compartments within the storage racks to keep the tubes separated and organised. This prevents them from coming into contact with each other, which can cause damage.
  4. Safety Precautions:
    • If using horizontal storage racks, make sure there are safety measures in place, such as stoppers or locking mechanisms, to prevent tubes from rolling off the rack.
  5. Weight Capacity:
    • Be aware of the weight capacity of your storage equipment and ensure that it can support the weight of the tubes without the risk of collapse.
  6. Secure the Tubes:
    • Consider using straps, bungee cords, or other methods to secure the tubes to the rack if needed, especially in areas where there may be vibration or movement.
  7. Labeling:
    • Label or mark the tubes with their specifications, dimensions, or any other relevant information. This makes it easier to identify the tubes you need.
  8. Regular Inspection:
    • Periodically inspect the storage area and the tubes for any signs of damage, corrosion, or other issues. Replace or repair damaged tubes and equipment promptly.
  9. Climate Control:
    • If storing tubes in areas with extreme temperatures or high humidity, consider climate control measures to prevent corrosion or damage.
  10. Safety Training:
  • Ensure that personnel who access the storage area are trained in safe handling procedures to prevent accidents and injuries.
  1. Accessibility:
  • Organise the storage in a way that allows for easy access to specific tubes without having to move or disturb others. This reduces the risk of accidents and damage.

By following these guidelines and investing in the appropriate storage equipment, you can store long tubes safely, maintain their integrity, and make them easily accessible when needed.

  • Adjustable Hoop Divider – 1000 x 400mm

Note: the pipe rack in the image shows one extra hoop divider

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