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Manual Aluminium Hydraulic Stacker 500kg

Manual Aluminium Hydraulic Stacker 500kg

SKU: ST-VOY-500-1600-M
  • 500kg Light Weight Aluminium Hand Forklift
  • 1600mm Lift Height with Adjustable Forks
  • Manual Hydraulic Operation
  • Fixed Wrap Over Forks for Use with Euro Pallets
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  • 500kg Light Weight Aluminium Hand Forklift
  • 1600mm Lift Height with Adjustable Forks
  • Manual Hydraulic Operation
  • Fixed Wrap Over Forks for Use with Euro Pallets


Our Manual Aluminium Hydraulic Stacker is suitable for stacking and storing loads of up to 500kg above ground level areas. Designed to operate in narrow, confined areas, the forks can be raised up to 1600mm providing the perfect solution to manoeuvring pallets or working from pallets at a convenient height within your warehouse or storeroom. The Voyager Pallet Stacker is ergonomically designed, weighing up to 30% lighter than standard steel stackers and adjustable forks as standard. The two handles attached to the single mast allow effortless manoeuvrability for the operator with far greater visibility. Easy to operate and comfortable to move.

A hand forklift stacker is controlled manually – in other words, there are no electric controls. Instead, the operator simply pushes the hydraulic stacker and raises the forks to the required location using its ergonomic handles. These stacker trucks are a cost effective solution, when compared to the powered version, and are best suited for light occasional use.

Our standard Voyager hand pallet forklift range (with wrap-over forks) is designed to work with Euro pallets – 800 x 1200mm. If however the pallet you are working with is a ‘closed’ bottom pallet, then you’ll need to consider a straddle pallet stacker in order to pick them up. You may also want to consider our hand operated forklift with electric lift if you are working within a busier environment or simply wish to remove the effort of manually raising the forks.

The Light Weight Hydraulic Stacker, from the Voyager range, is an award winning unit that will benefit most working environments due the multiple interchangeable attachments available: steel platform, roller platform, jib attachment, boom attachment, drum and reel carrier, steel platform and tray. This flexibility means that the Voyager Stacker can change along with future requirements from your workforce. So, if you require alternative specifications from our standard Light Weight Voyager Aluminium Pallet Stacker, please contact a member of the team at

Technical Specification

  • Light weight aluminium frame is easy to manoeuvre and rust proof
  • Unit is modular and therefore has a range of interchangeable attachments which enables one unit to suit multiple applications
  • The overall flexibility of the product means that it can change along with the future requirements of any business
  • Lifts to 1600mm
  • Weld free construction leaves fewer points of possible weakness
  • Ergonomically designed handles to suit any user and allows greater manoeuvrability
  • Fitted with adjustable forks as standard.
  • Patented ‘C’ shaped leg clamps makes it easy to adjust legs to suit your application
  • Polyurethane wheels, 2 braked swivel castors & toe guards
  • Heavy duty swivelled castors ensure quiet, smooth operation

Product Information

  • Strong & dynamic award winning design
  • Up to 30% lighter than standard steel stackers – lighter to push
  • Wide straddle leg option for use with GKN pallets
  • Adapt your Voyager for all applications with our wide range of attachments
  • Weld free, light weight aluminium modular construction
  • Single mast for better operator visibility
  • High tenacity lifting belt – non corrosive and very strong


Price is inclusive of delivery to UK mainland and goods shall be delivered to site within 21 days from payment.

Our free standard delivery is kerbside only and will require offloading facilities. Any special arrangements for offloading may incur additional charges available on request at checkout. Delivery is to a business address Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. Restricted delivery areas or residential addresses may incur a surcharge.

Please note: this product is made to order and therefore cannot be cancelled once ordered. As these items are made specifically to your request, they are also excluded from our returns policy unless damaged or faulty. Please contact our friendly sales team should you need further help or advice before ordering: 01932 807377

1000kg Capacity
Increase the capacity loading to 1000kg for heavier applications.

2200mm Lift Height
Increase the lift height to 2200mm for applications requiring a taller lift height.

Wide Straddle Legs
For use with any type of pallet, including closed bottom pallets (GKN type) subject to internal straddle width and fork length.

Boom Attachment
Perfect to transport reels of material safely and efficiently through a long, narrow pole entering the load centrally. The reel can slide on and off the boom easily at the required height to remove unnecessary strain on operators.

Platform Attachment
Ideal as a mobile working platform providing a constant working height for operators. The high lift pallet truck forks are replaced with a steel platform so boxes and loose goods can be loaded/unloaded effortlessly and easily.

Roller Platform
Zinc plated, steel rollers allow loads to be placed on to the high lift pallet truck and effortlessly rolled across. Operators can raise the hydraulic lifting platform to the required height and ergonomically roll materials into position without any strain, stretching or bending. The roller top is supplied with two stop bars that can be slotted into the required areas of the platform. They fit easily and securely between rollers, preventing loads from rolling off the platform.

Jib Attachment – POA
The small crane jib enables operators to lift and manoeuvre loads using a hook. Perfect for handling awkward loads using eye bolts with straps or small containers with straps.

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