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Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

  • Longspan Shelving Unit – 950kg Shelf Load
  • Easy to Assemble Warehouse Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Steel Uprights & Beams
  • Garage Racking, Workshop Storage, Warehouse & Industrial Use
3 Shelves
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  • Longspan Shelving Unit - 950kg Shelf Load
  • Easy to Assemble Warehouse Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Steel Uprights & Beams
  • Garage Racking, Workshop Storage, Warehouse & Industrial Use


If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective storage solution that excels in both industrial and garage environments, our Longspan racking system offers strength and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for both industrial warehouse racking and garage storage needs. The Longspan shelving system stands out due to its unique fit between the upright and claw components, benefiting with its unparalleled strength and rigidity. Reinforced by the heavy-duty “Z profile” beam design, this system easily accommodates the most demanding requirements, with capacities reaching up to an impressive 950kgs.

For industrial purposes, this Longspan shelving proves to be a game-changer. It’s a reliable component of industrial racking systems, adept at organising and storing heavy items. Its versatility extends to garage storage, delivering sturdy garage racking and shelving units, ready to store DIY tools, building materials and other household items.

All levels within this longspan shelving system feature heavy-duty deck supports as a standard, ensuring that the chipboard shelves bear the same load as the beams. This innovative design also eliminates concerns about beam spreading or rotation, enhancing safety. In addition to its robust construction, this longspan shelving system offers the convenience of delivery within just five days. This ensures a swift and trouble-free process for organising your storage, whether in an industrial warehouse or your garage or storeroom, without any hassle.

Technical Specification

  • Shelf Load: 950kg UDL
  • Bay Load: 3900kg
  • Number of Shelves: 3
  • Height: 1984mm
  • Width: 1229mm / 1534mm / 1839mm / 2144mm / 2449mm / 2754mm
  • Depths: 471mm / 624mm / 776mm / 928mm / 1233mm
  • Split Uprights: Steel / Blue RAL5010
  • Beams: Steel / Orange RAL2002
  • Shelves: 15mm – 18mm Heavy Duty Chipboard

Product Information

  • Durable Heavy Duty Garage Racking System – Easily store your large and weighty items
  • Flexible Storage Solutions – Easily expand as your storage requirements increase
  • Robust “Z” Shaped Beam Structure – Innovative beam design with a capacity of up to 950kg
  • Sturdy Shelf Platforms – Each shelf level includes deck supports that match the beam’s capacity
  • Assured 5-Day Delivery – Quickly organise your garage storage hassle-free


Price is inclusive of delivery to UK mainland. Goods shall be delivered to site within 7 working days from payment. Free standard delivery will be to a ground floor location and heavy items may require fork lift unloading and/or assistance on site.

Delivery is to a business address Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. Restricted delivery areas or residential addresses may incur a surcharge.

What is Longspan shelving?


Longspan shelving is a term that, by its very nature, signifies the ability to cover extensive distances. Within the storage sector, it denotes shelving systems designed to extend over substantial lengths or be expandable to accommodate significant distances. Typically constructed from robust steel, these units exhibit superior strength and are capable of supporting substantial weight loads.

What is the difference between pallet racking and Longspan shelving?


The primary distinction between Longspan shelving and pallet racking lies in the method of handling products. Longspan shelving entails manual placement and retrieval of items, whereas in the case of pallet racking, storage and retrieval are conducted by warehouse personnel using equipment such as forklifts.

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