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Electric Hand Pallet Truck

Electric Hand Pallet Truck

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  • 1500kg Electric Hand Pallet Truck
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Removable 24V-20Ah Li-Ion Battery
  • Removable Storage Compartment
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  • 1500kg Electric Hand Pallet Truck
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Removable 24V-20Ah Li-Ion Battery
  • Removable Storage Compartment


Introducing the 1500kg Electric Hand Pallet Truck – the EP F4 model. This all-rounder is designed for diverse applications, reducing operator effort and increasing efficiency. With its compact size and reduced weight, the EP pallet truck accommodates up to 2 x 24V – 20Ah removable Li-ion batteries and offers a removable storage compartment. Available in different fork lengths and widths, the electric pallet jack brings maximum flexibility to configurations for every application, from occasional to intensive usage and from standard to big loads.

The electric pump truck features a two-power slot design, offering the option of two 24V/20Ah batteries to maximise uptime for full-time applications. The standard single-battery setting includes a portable storage container for on-the-go convenience. Stabilising wheels are another option, enabling the handling of big loads while reducing the risk of falls and damages on uneven floors. Both options can be provided directly from the factory or as retrofit, making the powered pallet jack a versatile and cost-effective solution to suit all budgets.

Our electric hand pallet truck can offer several benefits to a warehouse, delivery lorry or storeroom enhancing efficiency, safety, and overall operations. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Increased Productivity: Electric hand pallet trucks are powered, reducing the physical effort required by operators. This leads to faster and more efficient movement of goods within the warehouse, ultimately increasing overall productivity.
  2. Easy Manoeuvrability: Electric pallet trucks are designed for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces. This agility allows operators to navigate crowded warehouse aisles and handle goods with precision, optimising storage and retrieval processes.
  3. Reduced Operator Fatigue: By minimising manual effort, electric hand pallet trucks reduce operator fatigue. This can contribute to higher levels of alertness and focus, reducing the likelihood of errors and accidents.
  4. Enhanced Safety: Electric pallet trucks often come equipped with safety features such as braking systems, horns, and ergonomic designs. These features contribute to a safer working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  5. Versatility: Electric pallet trucks are versatile and suitable for a variety of warehouse applications. They can handle different types of loads, making them valuable in warehouses with diverse inventory.
  6. Quick and Easy Charging: Many electric pallet trucks use rechargeable batteries, allowing for quick and convenient charging between shifts. This minimises downtime and ensures the equipment is ready for use when needed.
  7. Cost Efficiency: While the initial investment may be higher than manual pallet trucks, the long-term cost efficiency of electric models becomes apparent through increased productivity and reduced labor costs. The benefits in terms of time saved and improved workflow often justify the upfront investment.
  8. Environmental Benefits: Electric pallet trucks produce fewer emissions compared to their internal combustion counterparts. This aligns with sustainability goals and reduces the environmental impact of warehouse operations.

Implementing electric hand pallet trucks to your warehouse, delivery lorry or storeroom will enhance material handling processes, making them more efficient, safer, and cost-effective. This, in turn, will significantly improve the overall performance of your working environment.

Technical Specification

  • Drive: Electric
  • Lift: Electric
  • Operator Type: Pedestrian
  • Load Capacity: 1500kg
  • Lift Height: 105mm
  • Overall Length: 1550mm
  • Overall Width: 590mm
  • Fork Dimensions – Width: 150mm
  • Fork Dimensions – Length: 1150mm
  • Fork Spread – 560mm
  • Aisle Width: 2160mm
  • Turning Radius: 1360mm
  • Travel Speed Laden :4km/h
  • Travel Speed Unladen: 4.5km/h
  • Drive Motor Power: 0.75kW
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Product Information

  • 1500kg electric hand pallet truck for effortless pallet relocation
  • Enhances efficiency while reducing operator effort
  • Compact design with small size (L2=400mm) and reduced weight (120kg)
  • Features up to 2 x 24V – 20Ah removable Li-ion batteries
  • Includes a removable storage compartment
  • Available in various fork lengths and widths
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How will an electric hand pallet truck assist deliveries?


An electric hand pallet truck can significantly assist in deliveries by streamlining the material handling process and offering several benefits that contribute to efficiency and productivity. Here’s how:

Quick and Efficient Loading/Unloading: Electric hand pallet trucks make it easier and faster to load and unload goods. They can handle palletised loads with precision, reducing the time required for these tasks.

Reduced Physical Strain: Unlike manual pallet trucks, electric ones operate with powered assistance, reducing the physical effort required by the operator. This is especially beneficial for handling heavy or bulky loads during deliveries, minimising operator fatigue.

Manoeuvrability in Tight Spaces: Electric pallet trucks are designed for easy manoeuvring in confined spaces, such as delivery trucks and warehouses. This agility ensures that deliveries can be efficiently managed even in tight or crowded areas.

Time Savings: The efficiency of electric pallet trucks translates to time savings. Deliveries can be completed more quickly, allowing for a higher volume of deliveries within a given timeframe.

Improved Safety: Electric pallet trucks often come equipped with safety features, such as braking systems and stability controls. This contributes to a safer working environment, reducing the risk of accidents during deliveries.

Adaptability to Varied Loads: Electric pallet trucks can handle different types of loads, making them versatile for deliveries with diverse inventory. This adaptability is crucial when dealing with various goods and pallet configurations.

Ease of Use: Electric pallet trucks are user-friendly and require minimal training for operators. This ensures that delivery personnel can quickly adapt to and operate the equipment effectively.

Reduced Product Damage: The precise control offered by electric pallet trucks minimizes the risk of product damage during handling and transportation. This is crucial for maintaining the quality of delivered goods.

Versatility in Delivery Environments: Whether making deliveries to retail locations, warehouses, or customer premises, electric pallet trucks can adapt to different delivery environments, contributing to a seamless logistics process.

Cost-Effective Operations: While there may be an initial investment in electric pallet trucks, the long-term cost savings in terms of increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and potentially lower maintenance costs can make them a cost-effective choice for delivery operations.

In summary, an electric hand pallet truck can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of deliveries by providing a faster, safer, and more versatile means of handling and transporting goods.

Do you need a license for an electric pallet truck in the UK?


In the UK, there isn’t a specific license requirement for operating an electric pallet truck. However, employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their employees are adequately trained and competent to operate workplace equipment, including electric pallet trucks.

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) require employers to provide training to employees to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Therefore, while a formal license may not be issued, operators must receive proper training on the safe operation of electric pallet trucks.

Employers may conduct in-house training programs or use external training providers to ensure that operators understand the equipment, know how to operate it safely, and are aware of relevant workplace safety procedures.

It’s important to check with your employer and follow any specific training requirements they have in place to comply with UK regulations and ensure a safe working environment.

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