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We provide standard and bespoke platform goods lifts to suit your production requirements.

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Light Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift - Image

Light Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift

This is the ideal Mezzanine Goods Lift for lifting up to 250KG. It is more compact than a Heavy Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift meaning the amount of space taken up by the unit is minimal. Industrial Goods Lifts are suitable for companies in any industry or warehouse where space can be maximised. These lifts are often also referred to as cargo lifts, industrial hoists or goods hoists.  Simply load the platform lift with your goods and raise the elevator platform to the mezzanine floor. We construct the lift height to suit your requirements, up to a maximum of 3300mm.


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Up to 3300mm
Single Phase
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Platform Goods Lifts & Mezzanine Goods Lifts

Our platform goods lifts and mezzanine goods lifts are designed to provide the industrial materials handling solution of transporting goods from a ground floor to a mezzanine floor within your warehouse.

Our standard mezzanine lifts include our light duty and heavy duty goods lifts, however we also offer the option to create a fully bespoke platform lift so your warehouse can operate productively, safely and efficiently.

Our light duty MezzLite is our small goods lift, ideal for working with loads of up to 250kg. This option is able to offer an excellent solution, even where space is restricted in smaller warehouses. The heavy industrial mezzanine lifts are designed to work with loads from 250kg up to 10,000kg so if your lift requirements are working with large, heavy loads, you can be assured we will have the right solution to suit your needs.


How much does a mezzanine goods lift cost?

As mezzanine goods lifts and platform goods are manufactured to order, we provide a variety of solutions to take into account when quoting from platform size and lift height requirements to stainless steel for food production.
However as a guide, a standard mezzanine goods lift will cost in the region of £15-20k.