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We offer goods lifts and mezzanine lifts, both standard and customised, tailored to meet your specific warehouse needs. Ground to mezz problem.



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Light Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift - Image

Light Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift

This is the ideal Mezzanine Goods Lift for lifting up to 250KG. It is more compact than a Heavy Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift meaning the amount of space taken up by the unit is minimal. Industrial Goods Lifts are suitable for companies in any industry or warehouse where space can be maximised. These lifts are often also referred to as cargo lifts, industrial hoists or goods hoists.  Simply load the platform lift with your goods and raise the elevator platform to the mezzanine floor. We construct the lift height to suit your requirements, up to a maximum of 3300mm.


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Up to 3300mm
Single Phase
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Goods Lift - Image

Goods Lift

Goods Lift with a robust 250kg load capacity and a spacious 1350 x 1350mm platform, is designed to elevate your material handling operations. Achieving a lift height of 3-4 metres, this cost-effective solution ensures efficient vertical transportation of pallets, boxes or loose goods. Designed and manufactured with precision in the UK, it guarantees reliability and durability. Benefit from a swift delivery and installation process, optimising your workflow with minimal downtime. Choose our Goods Lift for a seamless and low-cost lifting solution.   Download Spec Sheet  
Three Phase
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Mezzanine Lift - Image

Mezzanine Lift

Upgrade your material handling efficiency with our cutting-edge Mezzanine Lift, also known as a Mezz Lift. Boasting a robust 500kg load capacity and a spacious 1350 x 1350mm platform, this precision-engineered solution is tailored for mezzanine operations. Achieve seamless vertical transportation of pallets, boxes, or loose goods with a lift height of 3-4 metres. Manufactured with precision in the UK, our Goods Lift ensures reliability and durability, setting the standard for mezzanine floor lifts. Experience a swift delivery and installation process, minimising downtime and optimising your workflow. Choose our Goods Lift for a cost-effective and efficient mezzanine lifting solution. Elevate your material handling capabilities with the Mezz Lift that excels in performance and reliability.     Download Spec Sheet  
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Goods Lifts & Mezzanine Floor Lifts

Goods Lifts play a crucial role in optimising material handling operations within warehouses and industrial settings. These lifts are designed to efficiently transport goods, pallets, and other materials between different levels of a facility, providing a convenient and time-saving solution. With varying load capacities and platform sizes, goods lifts cater to the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring the smooth vertical movement of goods. Equipped with safety features such as full-height mesh enclosures, electro-mechanical interlocks, and handrails, these lifts prioritize the well-being of operators. Whether freestanding or pit-mounted, goods lifts offer versatility in configuration, adapting to the layout of warehouses and distribution centers. Their reliability, durability, and user-friendly controls make goods lifts indispensable tools for enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Mezzanine Lifts, often referred to as Mezz Lifts or Mezzanine Floor Lifts, specifically target the unique challenges posed by mezzanine structures within industrial spaces. Engineered to operate seamlessly on multi-level platforms, these lifts facilitate the vertical transportation of goods, optimising space utilisation. Mezzanine lifts come with features like modular frameworks, adaptable loading access, and configurations suitable for various mezzanine layouts. They play a key role in enhancing efficiency and workflow on mezzanine floors, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for lifting operations. Manufactured with precision, these lifts adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring durability and long-term performance. Whether it’s a freestanding design or a pit-mounted configuration, mezzanine lifts are essential for businesses looking to maximise their space and streamline material handling on elevated platforms.


How much does a mezzanine goods lift cost?

As mezzanine goods lifts and platform goods are manufactured to order, we provide a variety of solutions to take into account when quoting from platform size and lift height requirements to stainless steel for food production.
However as a guide, a standard mezzanine goods lift will cost in the region of £18-25k.

What is a goods lift?

A goods lift, also known as a mezzanine lift or warehouse lift, is a specialised type of lift designed for the vertical transportation of goods, materials, and pallets within buildings or industrial settings. Unlike passenger elevators, goods lifts are specifically engineered to handle the transportation of heavy loads, pallets, and various goods between different levels of a facility, such as warehouses, factories, and distribution centres. Goods lifts come in various configurations, including standard and bespoke designs, to accommodate diverse production and storage requirements. They play a crucial role in optimising material handling processes, streamlining workflow, and ensuring efficient and safe movement of goods within a premises.

What is the difference between a service lift and a goods lift?

The terms 'service lift' and 'goods lift' are often used interchangeably, but they can refer to slightly different types of lifts depending on the context. Generally, both service lifts and goods lifts are designed for the vertical transportation of goods and materials within warehouses. However, there are distinctions that may vary based on preferences or industry practices. Here's a general overview:

Service Lift:

A service lift is a broad term that encompasses various types of lifts used for transporting goods, equipment, or materials.
It can refer to lifts designed for diverse purposes, including those used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or commercial buildings.
Service lifts may have specific features to cater to the unique needs of the industry or setting in which they are installed.

Goods Lift:

A goods lift is a more specific term typically associated with lifts designed specifically for the vertical transportation of heavy goods and pallets within industrial or warehouse environments. Goods lifts are often characterised by their robust construction, higher load capacities, and features tailored for handling pallets, crates, trolleys or large items. They are commonly found in manufacturing plants, distribution centres, and storage facilities.

What is a mezzanine lift?

A mezzanine lift, also known as a mezzanine goods lift or mezz lift, is a specialised type of vertical lifting equipment designed to facilitate the movement of goods, pallets and materials between different levels, particularly within mezzanine floor structures. Mezzanines are intermediate floors, often installed between the main floors of a warehouse, and they are commonly used for additional storage, office space, or other purposes.

A mezzanine lift is specifically tailored to operate within the confined space and unique structural layout of mezzanine floors. These lifts are engineered to efficiently transport goods, pallets, or other materials from one level to another, providing a practical solution for businesses seeking to optimise space utilisation and streamline material handling processes on elevated platforms.

Key features of mezzanine lifts may include adaptable loading access, modular frameworks, and configurations designed to suit various mezzanine layouts. Mezzanine lifts are integral to improving efficiency in warehouses, distribution centres, and other industrial facilities where mezzanine structures are utilised. They contribute to the seamless vertical transportation of goods, enhancing overall operational workflow in such environments.