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Case study – Whirli

Published on: Tuesday 11th January 2022
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“The mezzanine lift has enabled us to expand our existing warehousing space in a very cost-effective way. Even better, there was no disruption to our working schedule while it was installed ensuring there was no interruption to the service our customers received. Overall, it has been a fast and effective solution to our continuing growth.”

Craig Simpson, Head of Operations, Whirli

The project

Whirli, a toy swap subscription service that offers an affordable and sustainable alternative to buying toys, has expanded its warehouse operation in London to meet increasing demand for its service.

Having seen exponential growth since starting the company in 2019, Whirli had outgrown its original warehouse with just 2,500 sq ft of space. In summer 2021, the company relocated to much larger premises of 10,000 sq ft. A mezzanine floor was also within the facility – adding a further 4,000 sq ft of space – but access was only available on foot, so it wasn’t being used regularly.

It quickly became clear, however, that the additional space was going to be required immediately. The team at Whirli asked LLM Handling to install a bespoke mezzanine goods lift to easily and quickly move the toys between floors, delivering an efficient, effective solution. Initially, Whirli had requested a 250kg lifting capacity, but after consultation LLM Handling recommended a larger capacity for heavy duty items up to 500kg.

Craig Simpson, Head of Operations, said: “The initial spec and design process was very easy. The team that then installed the lift were professional and helpful. I was also delighted that we didn’t have to interrupt our working schedule to complete the installation – that was a real bonus for us”

The results

LLM Handling designed, manufactured and installed the lift platform to move toys up to the mezzanine floor. The goods lift, with a capacity to handle up to 500kg, operates using a single touch control with automatic latching controls, making it even more efficient to use.

Craig continued: “This investment will increase our warehousing capabilities for the months to come. As we continue to expand, we can be confident we have the capacity to meet growing demand.”

The client

Whirli is a fully managed retail service for children’s toys. Whirli puchases toys directly from leading toy manufacturers and Whirli subscribers borrow the toys rather than purchase them. These toys can then be returned to Whirli and swapped for another toy. By borrowing, parents are getting far better value for money, reducing their environmental footprint and children benefit from more varied play time and development opportunities. Whirli was founded in 2019 by Nigel Phan and received £4million seed funding from Octopus Ventures in December 2020.


  • Mezzanine floor goods only lift with operator access for loading and unloading.
  • Located indoors in an area with no public access and to be used by trained operators only, ambient environment
  • 3040mm travel to FFL
  • Closed height 100mm
  • 500kg capacity, loaded by electric hand pallet truck (See all electric pallet trucks)
  • 1500mm x 1500mm useable platform.
  • Twin outward opening interlocked gate on ground floor (facing mezz floor) and twin outward opening interlocked gate on mezzanine floor (opposite side)
  • Twin gates to platform to match enclosure both sides, handrails 1100mm high, knee rail and toe plates to remaining sides
  • Mast braced from mezzanine and supported from ground floor.
  • Full height mesh enclosure extending to 2400mm above the FFL
  • Automatic latching controls to raise and lower the lift.
  • Supplied with a ramp to lower level and bridging plate to upper level
  • 415V, 3 phase supply
  • Lift speed (generally approximately 100mm/s) and duty cycle (rated duty cycle up to/greater than 10 lifts per hour).
  • Intensive usage pack included i.e. overheat protection to critical componentry
  • Powerpack to be located adjacent to the lift. Approximate size is 600mm long x 400mm wide x 700mm high.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Goods Lift Heavy Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift

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